Sakae Vintage Trilogy 3pce

Sakae Vintage Trilogy 3pce

Club Oyster Shell Pack in excellent condition, hand made in Japan.

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Sakae Drums is revisiting a legendary drum sound with the introduction of the Trilogy series. "Our approach was to utilize the three-ply shell in a way that would have a distinctive Sakae sound, but still pay homage to that vintage sound so loved after all these years," states Eizo Nakata, president of Sakae Drums.

Sakae’s proprietary Maple/Poplar/Maple 3-ply shells are at the heart of Trilogy’s vintage sound. 4-ply North American Maple reinforcement rings at the top and bottom of the shell help to dry the sustain and keep the ultra-thin shell in round.

The hardware is from Sakae's PAC-D and Road Anew series. It is lightweight and helps allow the thin shell to resonate as much as possible. Also, the Trilogy series is extremely lightweight, making the perfect kit for the classic Jazz tones of the 50's. Sakae's distinctive attack, when utilized with thicker drumheads, creates the punchy, dry tones of early R&B and 70's Rock

Key Features 


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Hand crafted drum shells

Our shells are made in Osaka Japan by our own expert craftsmen. All shells are perfectly round and feature precisely cut bearing edges allowing for clear attack, great tone and a wide tuning range.

Oversized Vents

Oversized air vents

Sakae Drums feature bigger air vents, helping to achieve low and rich tones especially in the bigger toms and bass drums.

Transmit Lug

Heavy lugs

Heavier lugs ensure better vibration transmission to the shell edge

Wrist Lock Clamp

one screw tom adjustment

Our unique tom holder features a one-screw-adjustment, making it easy and fast to position your toms at any angle!

Cradle Mounting System

Sakae cradle mount

By holding the tom from the bottom, our cradle mounting system allows the drum to sit comfortably rather than hang. This provides better isolation. The drum is suspended from 'mount lugs' which feature thick rubber isolation gaskets.

Floor Tom Cradle Mount

Sakae floor tom cradle mount

Floor toms are also suspended from the bottom of the drum, completely isolating the shell's tone.

Lower Boost Leg Base

Bass drum spurs

Our bass drum spurs feature thick rubber gaskets between the shell and the spur for complete tone isolation.

Two Kinds of Rims

Mighty rim and Righty rim

Our rims come in two varieties. The MIGHTY HALO (left) features an inward curved edge which controls harmonics and creates a powerful, focussed sound. The RIGHTY HALO (right) features an outward flanged rim, allowing the harmonics of the drum to be fully expressed. The result is a wide open sound, great for any genre of music!

Snare Strainer

snare throw off

Developed for the smoothest operation ever. Remarkably natural and comfortable to engage, while keeping snares securely in place.

Snare Wires

Sakae snare wires

Improved wire materials, increased thickness and more strands. Our snare wires provide a crisp, sharp response.

Union Lug

Sakae union lug

The Sakae Union Lug has the classic looks of a tube lug with more sophistication! The "tube" part of this lug is heavy and completely independent from contact with the drum. This ensures that "tube" part of the lug does not affect the vibration of the shell.