Tama HP900P Iron Cobra Double Pedal

Tama HP900P Iron Cobra Double Pedal

This Tama HP900P Iron Cobra Double pedal is in overall good physical and working condition. The pedal has been well looked after and shows only very minor signs of wear from previous use.

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The 900 series Iron Cobra drum pedals were created with three key concepts, smoothness, stability, adjustability and power - and are the flagship of Tama's pedal line.

The Iron Cobra Power Glide pedal has continued to evolve under these guiding principles for the past 20 years, and remains one of the most celebrated and esteemed bass drum pedals today.

Featuring the Cobra Coil and Speedo Ring rocker systems, the Iron Cobra is a professional and a robust pedal that's built to last.

The Powerglide pedal differs from both the 'Rolling' and 'Flexi' versions, in that the cam is offset, which increases in speed and power as the beater reaches the end of the stroke.

The 900 Series pedals are designed for the professional player who needs full adjustability in order to to get their pedals set up exactly how they want them.