Fender Michiya Haruhata Stratocaster Maple Fingerboard (Trans Pink) inc Gig Bag

Fender Michiya Haruhata Stratocaster Maple Fingerboard (Trans Pink) inc Gig Bag

Fender Michiya Haruhata Stratocaster Maple Fingerboard (Trans Pink) inc Gig Bag

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Michiya Haruhata's signature model "Michiya Haruhata III Stratocaster Trans Pink" produced by Fender Custom Shop master builder Jason Smith is faithfully reproduced on the Made in Japan line.

Michiya Haruhata, one of Japan's leading technical players and the first Japanese to produce a signature model from a fender, has succeeded in realising a model in an affordable price range while having specifications that meet the high demands.

The eye-catching flame maple top ash body painted in bright trans-pink color uses a no-pickguard to enhance sophisticated elegance.

The Michiya Haruhata Soft V maple neck with a 25.5 inch scale satin finish reproduced by 3D scanning from the actual machine of the person himself adopted a black dot position mark, and the characteristic reverse large head gives tuning stability. Equipped with a locknut.

The HSH pickups feature a DiMarzio® Air Norton ™ DP193 humbucker with rich sustain in the neck position and a tight, bright sound in the bridge position to support the Haruhata sound, which creates a hard and emotional sound. DiMarzio® Fred® DP153 and Custom Shop Texas Special ™ Single-Coil Strat®, which covers from clear highs to tight lows, are mounted directly on the body like the original model.

The Master Tone with Push-Push function faithfully reproduces the unique function of turning the neck pickup on and off. The bridge uses a double-locking tremolo system that maintains tuning stability, maintaining accurate tuning even in aggressive play. Michiya Haruhata's new model, which gives off a unique talent through various activities such as TUBE and solo work, is packed with various ideas of the person himself and supports a wide range of expressions.

  • Ash body w/ Gloss Polyester finish
  • Maple neck w/ Michiya Haruhata Soft V shape & Satin Polyurethane finish
  • Double Locking Tremolo System w/ Lock nut
  • DiMarzio® Fred® DP153 bridge pickup
  • Custom Shop Texas Special™ Single-Coil Strat® middle pickup
  • DiMarzio® Air Norton™ DP193 Humbucking neck pickup