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Instrument Rental & Musicorp are Merging

Both Musicorp and Instrument Rental are members of The Polygon Group and for over 30 years we've operated Australia's largest group of rental businesses. We exist for the players, the creators, the musicians. We want to help people follow their passion so we work hard to connect people to the things they love. We understand that your skills can quickly outgrow your gear and sometimes you just want to try something different. With Musicorp your gear can evolve with your skills. 


Musicorp makes it simple to have the things you love & share them on when you're done. Instead of having to buy outright, you can make a small payment each month.


The things you find on Musicorp are for enjoying, for creating, for playing. Not things to be disposed of or lie forgotten in the back of the cupboard.


If you love your gear you can apply to buy any time. But if you're finished you can return some or all of it to us after the minimum rental period & others can follow their passion.




Instrument Rental has been the go-to place for parents looking for a quality student instrument for their child. Learning music is one of the most exciting things you or your child can do. Music is a skill you keep for life. The only problem is, how do you know which musical instrument is the best and which one you will enjoy the most?


Renting an instrument with Musicorop is a fantastic way to start. 

We have one of the widest ranges of musical instruments in Australia. All with flexible rental options and affordable rates.

For those looking for a quality basic instrument to get started, there are some options above. For those looking for a bit more choice, please see our full range.


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A Rental Plan With Genuine Flexibility

Established Business

  • Over 30 years experience
  • 250,000 customers and growing

Cost Effective

  • Low monthly cost
  • Simply return after the minimum rental period

Australia Wide

  • Fast, Australia-wide delivery
  • Australian owned company

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