Teaching Services

Musicorp Teaching Services

All inclusive Package

Our Tuition program is all inclusive, not just the lessons!  Your chosen instrument and more is also provided for both the lessons and home use.

What Instruments are offered?

Musicorp offers both an Electric and Acoustic Tuiion Package


Vocals, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Keyboard and Drum Kit


Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion, Violin and Acoustic Guitar

What does the Package Include?

Both packages include a minimum of eight lessons, the use of an instrument for home and lessons, tutor books, a music stand - everything your child needs to begin their musical journey*

The Acoustic Package is $219 per term.

The Electric Package is $254 per term.

* Consumables such as replacement drum sticks, guitar strings, reeds etc. are not included in the tuition cost.

How can your children obtain lessons

Simply email our Education Manager, amber@polygongroup.com.au with your schools name and suburb/town.  We will make contact and take care of everything.  It's that simple.

Teachers / Group lessons

Musicorp’s experienced instrumental music teachers will provide students with a dynamic music making experience. Weekly group lessons of half an hour’s duration are available in woodwind, brass, percussion and in selected schools, guitar, strings and keyboards. The purpose of the weekly group lessons is threefold: to provide a foundation in musicianship and fine motor skills; to encourage students to be active listeners; and to enhance the students’ enjoyment of music study,by enabling them to share the experience with their family and peers.

Ensemble Participation

Under the direction of a trained conductor, students continue their musical journey by participating in a school ensemble. Here children will develop a greater understanding of the responsibility of being part of a team.  Making music together will inspire greater cooperation
and encourage students to show respect for others.  There is nothing like the thrill of performing well, in front of friends and family in an ensemble. Musicorp encourages performances every term to maintain the profile of music within the school community.

Assessment / Curriculum

Musicorp Teachers are required to follow a fundamental music curriculum designed to focus learning throughout the year. Assessment is an important part of the curriculum; it illustrates the level of achievement and progress through a detailed assessment criteria.  Comprehensive report cards are issued by Musicorp teachers once a semester or in accordance with school expectations.


Musicorp provides the opportunity for students to participate in various workshops held throughout the year. Under expert musical direction, the workshops are specifically designed to further develop the skills of instrumental music students learning a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument.