Why Schools choose Musicorp


Musicorp has been providing schools throughout Australia with a leading music tuition program for the past 30 years. More than 2500 students participate in a Musicorp School program throughout Australia.



Our tuition program is all inclusive and students are provided with the use of an instrument for home and lessons, tutor books, and a music stand. Everything they need to begin their musical journey.

We work with school's to provide a vibrant and functional music program. This coupled with our experience and professional teaching team makes us the perfect solution for music programs within schools.


To summarise the program we offer:

  • Weekly, small group lessons of 30 minutes duration
  • Weekly Band rehearsal
  • All-inclusive price per term includes instrument, book, stand, lessons and band
  • Dedicated Education Co-ordinator
  • Communication directly with parents via email including a weekly attendance report and semester reports


Lesson Structure

Half hour weekly group lessons are available in woodwind, brass, guitar, percussion, strings and keyboards. The purpose of the weekly group lessons is threefold: to provide a foundation in musicianship and fine motor skills, to encourage students to be active listeners and to enhance the students’ enjoyment of music study by enabling them to share the experience with their family and peers.

Musicorp Teachers are required to follow a fundamental music curriculum designed to focus learning throughout the year. Assessment is an important part of the curriculum as it illustrates the level of achievement and progress through a detailed assessment criterion. Comprehensive report cards are issued by Musicorp teachers once a semester or in accordance with school expectations.

Boy playing Trumpet in the Classroom

Tuition Program Pricing

We have two simple pricing structures. Our Acoustic Program is $224 per term and our Electric Program is $259 per term. This is charged directly to the parents, there is no administration for the school. This fee includes a minimum of eight lessons per term, ensemble rehearsals, tutor book, music stand and an instrument for the students to learn on. These instruments can be taken home for practice including over the school holidays.

At the end of a student’s time in the program, we offer the parents the option to purchase the instrument at a significantly reduced rate, due to their support of the program.

Teacher showing guitar chords to boy

Our Tutors

Our tutors are multi instrument specialists who can teach and play a number of different instruments; clarinet, saxophone, flute, bass guitar, guitar, piano, strings, vocal and drums, trumpet and trombone. As well as this, they also have a basic knowledge of maintenance for these instruments. With this skill set, our tutors can provide your school with a full Instrumental Music Program as well as conducting the school ensemble.

Boy Learning Cello 485450817

Our Dedicated Support Team

Our Territory Managers, in conjunction with our National Tuition coordinator, make sure our programs are introduced efficiently into schools and run smoothly from that day forward. We are always welcoming of feedback and suggestions to make sure our schools, parents and students alike experience a program of the highest standard. Our dedicated administration team handle all parent enquiries and support our tutors and the programs at the schools at all times. We pride ourselves on ensuring the parents and students see the results of their learning efforts through holding concerts, workshops, holiday programs and excursions.

Our Dedicated Support Team