Fender '62 Princeton® Amp Chris Stapleton Edition

The brown ’62 Princeton amp’s sensitivity and smooth organic tremolo made it a longtime studio favorite and the ideal partner for Grammy®-winning country artist, Chris Stapleton. The hand-wired ’62 Princeton Chris Stapleton Edition combines the classic 6G2 circuit with Stapleton’s favorite features and personally chosen aesthetic touches. This 12W combo features Fender Vintage “Blue” tone caps, Schumacher™ transformers, an upgraded Eminence® 12” Special Design “CS” speaker, and an output tube-biased tremolo circuit. The acoustically resonant solid pine cabinet wears rough brown textured vinyl covering, wheat grille cloth and thick dark brown leather handle, while the dark brown control panel sports dark brown “radio” knobs and the rear panel features an engraved brass plate with Chris Stapleton's signature. Includes 1-button switch for tremolo and retro-styled Filson™ Rugged Twill fabric cover.

12W combo amplifier

Eminence 12” Special Design “CS” speaker

Two 12AX7 preamp tubes; two 6V6 power tubes; single 5Y3 rectifier tube

Fender Vintage “Blue” tone caps; Schumacher transformers

Includes 1-button tremolo footswitch and Filson Rugged Twill fabric cover

Fender '62 Princeton® Amp Chris Stapleton Edition

Fender '62 Princeton® Amp Chris Stapleton Edition

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Fender '62 Princeton Chris Stapleton Edition, 240V AUS
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