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Pre-loved Roland TD30K
Rent now for $161/month
Kit is in great visual and working condition. Hi Hat stand not included and kick drum mesh skin is slightly worn but ...
Pre-loved Roland TD4KP
Rent now for $33/month
This kit is in excellent condition and has been well looked after. It shows only minor signs of wear from previous us...
Pre-loved Pioneer PLX-1000 Professional Turntable
Rent now for $35/month
This turntable is in fantastic condition and operates as should. #PAHB202967EH
Pre-loved Pearl Roadshow 22 Inch Fusion Plus
Rent now for $26/month
This kit is in great condition and working order. Showing some minimal wear to heads and cymbals.
Pre-loved Fender American Professional Stratocaster
Rent now for $88/month
This classic model guitar presents in good playing condition and shows minimul wear from previous use, it does have a...
Pre-loved Pioneer XDJ RX
Rent now for $75/month
Pioneer XDJ-RX in excellent condition with very minor signs of wear, no obvious marks or blemishes. No software inclu...
Pre-loved Ibanez GRG150DX
Rent now for $15/month
A great playing guitar in excellent condition showing no obvious wear and tear. Includes soft case and tremolo arm.
Pre-loved Epiphone Les Paul LP-100
Rent now for $19/month
A great reproduction of this classic favourite guitar in excellent condition, showing no obvious wear and tear. Inclu...
Pre-loved Schecter Model-T Session
Rent now for $26/month
A fantastic bass that combines traditional concepts with modern boutique flair. Showing only very minimal superficial...
Pre-loved Fender T-Bucket 300CE
Rent now for $24/month
Great condition acoustic electric guitar in great playing condition. Showing only very minimal wear in isolate areas ...
Pre-loved Fender Cabronita Precision Bass®
Fender Cabronita Precision Bass
Rent now for $33/month
A great classic model bass in great playing condition showing some isolated superficial scratches around pick up areas.
Pre-loved Cole Clark AN2E
Cole Clark AN2E-LH-BB
Rent now for $71/month
Left-Handed Australian made mid-sized acoustic guitar in excellent playing condition guitar. Includes original hard c...
Pre-loved Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb
Rent now for $104/month
A beautiful amplifier reproduced to original specifications to create the classic tones that make Fender famous. This...
Pre-loved Pioneer XDJ RX2
Rent now for $91/month
Great condition Pioneer XDJ RX2 with minimal wear and tear. Original packaging, power supply and USB cable included. ...
Pre-loved Pioneer XDJ RX
Rent now for $72/month
XDJ RX in excellent condition, minimal wear and tear. Includes original packaging, power supply cable and USB cable. ...
Pre-loved Shure BLX4R Wireless Guitar Module
Shure BLX4R Wireless Guitar
Rent now for $21/month
Great condition with original packaging and XLR lead. Comes with wireless module for guitar. As new condition with mi...
Pre-loved Maximum 16S Multicore 50m
Rent now for $28/month
Great working order, all terminals tested and in perfect condition.
Pre-loved Shure BLX4R Wireless Headset
Shure BLX4R Wireless Headset 7X Pack
Rent now for $171/month
All 7 units functioning as new, minimal wear and tear, well looked after. Includes 7x power supplies, 7x XLR headsets...
Pre-loved Boss GT1B
Rent now for $14/month
A great sounding compact bass guitar effects unit in excellent working order showing no obvious signs of wear. Comple...
Pre-loved Ashton DA30 Drum amplifier
Rent now for $11/month
Great clear sounding drum amplifier combo for use with electric drum kit. Showing no wear and in virtually new condit...
Pre-loved Boss RC-300 Loop Station
Rent now for $34/month
Top of the line loop station with maximum flexibility. In excellent condition, virtually brand new. Comes in original...
Pre-loved Roland KC880
Rent now for $42/month
A great multi-channel amplifier with great power and versatile format in excellent condition, showing only minor wear...
Pre-loved Roland FP80
Rent now for $63/month
Keyboard is in GOOD condition. Performs well. Does have general wear over body mainly top and back of the keyboard. "...
Pre-loved Carlsbro CSD-130
Rent now for $20/month
Good condition Carlsbro kit, great option for beginners. Upgraded cymbal triggers. Includes drum key and loom.
Pre-loved Laney L20T Amplifier
Rent now for $53/month
A superb British designed amplifier combo in excellent working condition, showing no obvious wear, virtually new orde...
Pre-loved Roland FP30
Rent now for $47/month
Beautiful electric piano keyboard in excellent working condition showing some isolated minimal wear and tear, mainly ...
Pre-loved iMac 27"
Intel Core i5 3.3GHz Processor, 2TB Fusion Storage, 8GB Ram
Rent now for $114/month
This iMac is in excellent condition and performs as new. It has been cleaned and serviced by our in-house technicians...
Pre-loved iMac 27"
Intel Core i5 3.3GHz Processor, 2TB Fusion Storage, 8GB Ram
Rent now for $105/month
This iMac is in perfect condition, including original packaging and all original accessories. There are no visible im...
Pre-loved Orange Tiny Terror 15W Head
Rent now for $20/month
A fantastic amplifier head featuring simple features and superb tones. Showing some scratching to the interface finis...
Pre-loved Boss GT1
Rent now for $9/month
Great sounding compact guitar effects unit in excellent condition, virtually new condition showing no obvious signs o...