Buffet Crampon RC Clarinet (A)

Buffet Crampon RC Clarinet (A)

Buffet Crampon RC Clarinet (A)

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  • Unstained premium quality Grenadilla wood
  • Hand burnished bore
  • Egg-shaped inside bell shape
  • Conical lower joint and bell
  • Silver plated adjustable thumb rest
  • Undercut tone holes
  • GORE-TEX ® pads




  • Key A

  • Pitch A 440 / 442

  • Carefully selected, unstained grenadilla wood

  • Bore: Upper joint Poly-cyndrical, lower joint and bell conical

  • Poly-cylindric bore

  • Power forged silver keywork, preplated in copper and finished in silver plate

  • 18 keys and 6 rings (Auxiliary Eb lever)

  • Undercut toneholes

  • Stainless steel rods and pivot screws

  • Blue needle springs

  • GORE-TEX ® pa



Numerous improvements have been made to the famous RC Prestige, now its already remarkable tone is even better: the shape of the bell plays a major role in adding warmth and focus.
Carefully chosen quality materials, the talents of the best craftsmen, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled skills come together in the RC Prestige.

The body is in M\'Pingo wood, selected, dried and tested with care, High precision bore, undercutting of tone holes carried out according to BUFFET CRAMPON strict specifications, keywork in nickel silver, pre-plated in copper, then silver plated, cold power forged, rods and pivot screws in stainless steel and fine tuned, pointed needle springs, Gore-tex pads, Eb/Ab lever Models Full Boehm system : 20 keys / 7 rings articulated G#, F# / G# trill, low Eb.