Ableton Push 3 Controller w/ Live 11 Intro Software

Ableton Push 3 Controller w/ Live 11 Intro Software

Ableton Push 3 Controller w/ Live 11 Intro Software

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The copy of Ableton Live 11 Intro included in this bundle is a digital download (not boxed copy), which is added to your Ableton account when you register the Push 3 Controller on the Ableton website.

Ableton Push is an instrument for expressive playing, producing and performing, free from distractions. Play smoothly shifting melodies, finger drum multi-articulated beats, and directly connect all the other gear that makes up your unique sound.

Configured without a processor, Push lets you take detailed control of Live running on your computer – without having to look at it. And if you decide later that you’d like to use your Push as a standalone instrument, you can install a processor yourself using the Upgrade Kit, which will be available in a limited number of countries via

Push’s 64 MPE-enabled pads detect finger pressure and placement across X and Y axes for nuanced per-note control. Feel your way around the pads to fluidly change your sound in multiple ways as you play. Play bends and slides, add filters or effects to some notes in a chord, or play multiple instrumental articulations on a single pad. Finger drum with timbral variation akin to a natural drum head, whether you’re playing an acoustic drum sound or an electronic one.

Plug external instruments, synths and effects straight into Push’s built-in audio interface to record directly into Ableton Live. The audio interface features two balanced inputs and two balanced outputs, plus a headphone out for main or cue output. With an ADAT extender, these can be increased to 10 inputs and 12 outputs. To create a combined Eurorack/Push setup, use the footswitch jacks to send gate and CV signals to your modular gear. You can further extend your setup by connecting a class-compliant MIDI keyboard or controller to Push to play internal instruments, or send MIDI from Push to synths and other hardware.

Push’s navigation is designed to get out of your way so you can stay focused on creating. Smoothly source sounds and devices from your library, and edit MIDI quickly using the jog wheel. See your session at a glance and your devices in detail on the large LCD display.

You can also buy your Push configured with a processor, to use as a standalone instrument. With its built-in processor, battery and storage, you can make music without plugging in a single cable using instruments and effects you know from Ableton Live, along with your own Packs and sample libraries. In its standalone configuration, Push also features WiFi connectivity. This means you can wirelessly download Packs, update firmware, sync with other hardware or software using Ableton Link, and transfer Sets back and forth between Push and Live. If you order your Push configured to connect to your computer, but later you want to use it as a standalone instrument, you can upgrade it yourself using the Upgrade Kit. Each Upgrade Kit contains a processor, hard drive, battery, heatsink and all the tools you need for assembly.

  • Take detailed control of Ableton Live running on your computer – without having to look at the screen
  • Shape your sound with 64 sensitive MPE-enabled pads
  • Plug your other gear straight into Push’s built-in audio interface
  • Send CV & Gate signals to modular gear
  • Upgrade your Push if you want to use it as a standalone instrument in the future
  • Quickly and easily search your library and edit MIDI using the jog wheel
  • See your session at a glance on the large LCD screen
  • Includes Live Intro for new users
  • Includes 19 Packs with over 40GB of sound content and over 4100 presets
  • 2 x 6.3mm balanced audio inputs – switch between line (balanced) and instrument (unbalanced)
  • 2 x 6.3mm balanced audio outputs
  • ADAT in and out – extend Push with up to 10 inputs and 12 outputs
  • MIDI in and out – connect MIDI cables via 3.5mm breakout cables
  • USB-A – connect MIDI controllers, external hard drives, or class-compliant MIDI interfaces
  • USB-C – use Push to control Live
  • Dynamic ports – switch between pedal input and CV output (up to 4 CV outputs with breakout cables)
  • External power DC20V 3A – power Push
  • Headphones – 1 x stereo 6.3mm output
  • Width: 380mm
  • Depth: 318mm
  • Height (body): 29mm
  • Height (body and encoders): 44.5mm
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Screen size (active area): 230.4mm (w) x 38.4mm (h)
  • Includes Push 3, USB-C cable, universal PSU, regional power cable, guide, poster