IK Multimedia Iline Audio Cable Kit

IK Multimedia Iline Audio Cable Kit

IK Multimedia Iline Audio Cable Kit

The IK Multimedia Iline Audio Cable Kit is used on mobile devices. This Kit is in great physical and working condition, and only shows minimal general wear from previous use. The IK Multimedia Iline Audio Cable Kit has all pictured items included in the box. Please Note: 1 cable is missing.

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The six adapter cables in the iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit amount to everything you need to run audio between your various gadgets. It includes a Mono Output Adapter (think 1/8" smartphone or computer output to 1/4" guitar amp input), an Input Output Extension for lengthening your mic-equipped headset, a 1/8" Stereo Aux cable, a Headphone Splitter, an RCA Output Adapter, and a Mono Output Splitter.

The handy travel case keeps your cables from becoming a tangled mess. These are high quality cables with 24k gold-plated connectors, high density shielding, and color coding to make it clear which ends are mono and which are stereo. The Canvas fold-over travel case has pockets for the cables and Velcro fasteners at the corners. Case closed: It gets the job done.

The Headphone Splitter divides a stereo signal into two while adding about 12" of slack. Use it to share headphone signals so your home studio collaborator can listen along. The 5-foot Stereo Aux cable has two 1/8" male ends to connect to computer speakers or a car stereo. If you've got stereo headphones with a built-in mic, the Input Output Extension adds two feet of slack, or it can be used as an extender for most iRig cables.

The RCA Output Adapter can connect your laptop, tablet, or smartphone to your DJ Mixer or your home stereo system. To connect your smartphone or computer 1/8" stereo output to two 1/4"" mixer channels use the Mono Output Splitter. The Mono Output Adapter sums a 1/8" jack's stereo output to mono 1/4" so you can plug it into a guitar amplifier or a single powered speaker.


These cables are made with high quality components, which translates to getting high fidelity results suitable for audiophiles and musicians. This kit isn't just for users of IK Multimedia's AmpliTube users; but has a variety of audio uses for anyone who uses smartphones, tablets, or mp3 players. Whether you are a musician using mobile devices in your rig or just an audiophile, chances are you have needed one or more of these cables and this kit definitely fills that need. Reliability &


These cables are basically all self-explanatory, but in case you get confused about whether a jack is stereo or mono, the color coding makes it clear. They are long enough to get the job done but not so long that you have a bunch of cables coiled up under your feet. The travel case is perfectly sized for easy storage in a drawer, gig bag, or laptop case.


The iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit is a great solution for using a mobile phones, tablets, or laptops for practice or performance. I've found myself using these cables more than I expected. You can purchase each cable individually, but buying them together is the best value. For the price this is definitely a bargain, and if I lost my IK Cable Kit, I would absolutely purchase it again.