Laney IRT Studio

Laney IRT Studio

This is an excellent head that operates well. It has some minor scratches but otherwise in fantastic condition and they do not affect the performance. Includes power supply, user manual, soft bag and comes in original packaging. #UHE004910241

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Designed and engineered in the Black Country, Great Britain, the IRT-Studio Features the same great IRONHEART tube tones as the bigger heads in a low-power, lightweight, portable EL84 all-tube package with some neat features added.


The IRT-STUDIO features a USB Audio I/O and a RE-AMP send jack. The T-USB interface supplies both a dry signal and the processed signal – split left and right to your DAW – directly into either your PC/MAC or iPad*, which means that you can alter the guitar tone of your original recording – without having to re-track anything! And do it silently.


The IRT-STUDIO is not just a tube pre amp – it is a full 3 channel, all-tube Ironheart amp in a 2u rack.  Loaded with a pair of EL84 output valves the IRT-STUDIO generates either 15 watts or <1 watt RMS of pure valve tone.


The IRT-STUDIO is the ultimate in portable amps and is supplied with a dedicated 4-way footswitch. Use it in the studio, at rehearsal or on the road!

*The IRT-STUDIO works across any platform whether it’s PC/MAC/iPad/Android