Electro-Voice ZX1i 2-Way Passive 8" Indoor/Outdoor Speaker w/ Bracket

Electro-Voice ZX1i 2-Way Passive 8" Indoor/Outdoor Speaker w/ Bracket

Electro-Voice ZX1i 2-Way Passive 8" Indoor/Outdoor Speaker w/ Bracket

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The Electro-Voice ZX1i is the standard of no compromise audio performance and versatility in an easy to install compact package.

The high-tech enclosure uses injection-molded high-impact ABS resin to make the ZX1i extremely durable. The enclosure geometry has been engineered to provide maximum rigidity and acoustic performance. The velocity compensated port design overcomes the limitation of many small cabinet loudspeakers and enables exceptional low-frequency response. Two rotatable horn coverage patterns are available; 90° x 50° for longer throw and cluster applications, 100° x 100° for broad even dispersion. A multilayer grille with hydrophobic cloth and weatherised components allows both indoor and outdoor use. An optional weatherised input panel cover with a gland nut is available for additional protection.

Installing the ZX1i is quick and easy with the included QuickSAM mounting system. The QuickSAM allows the installer to simply snap the speaker onto the bracket, and then tighten it to the desired position. For array mounting, there is an optional AB-ZE array bracket kit which allows multiple units to be mounted together in a variety of configurations.

The ZX1i’s long excursion, high output 8 inch woofer with a weatherised treated cone delivers smooth low-frequency performance with exceptional reliability. A sophisticated crossover network integrates it with the DH2005, a 1.25 inch voice coil true compression driver for maximum output with extended frequency response. Full-bandwidth overload protection is provided for reliable, long term operation without audible effect. Best overall system design practice always includes a high-pass filter in the signal chain before the driving amplifier to protect the loudspeaker from over-excursion below box tuning or in the case of a distributed constant voltage installation, to protect the driving amplifier from the ill-effects of transformer saturation.

The ZX1i -T incorporates patented ASC (Automatic Saturation Compensation) technology to prevent transformer saturation at low frequencies. Unlike typical transformer equipped loudspeaker systems, an installation of Electro-Voice ZX1i -T loudspeakers does not require the high-pass filter frequency to be raised as more loudspeakers are added to the line because the driving amplifier is protected by ASC from saturation-induced overload, distortion, and possible failure. Best of all, there is no perceivable difference in sound quality between transformer and non-transformer versions of ZX1i loudspeakers. The same 50 Hz high-pass filter is used for both, regardless of the number of loudspeakers on the line.

  • 8"/ 1" Driver
  • 200/ 800W @ 8 Ω
  • 90° x 50° CD horn
  • Binding posts in/ out
  • Plastic housing (PP)
  • Dimensions: 451 x 282 x 263 mm
  • Weight: 8.4 kg
  • Wall mount included