Howarth Conservatoire S20C Oboe

Howarth Conservatoire S20C Oboe

Howarth Conservatoire

This oboe is in very good condition and has been serviced, tested and cleaned by out in-house technicians ready for use. Includes case.

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It is important that students have the right oboe to help their progress. The S20c and S40C Oboe models are for advancing players. 
The S20C is light in weight and has covered keys making it ideal for the younger student with smaller hands. It is a simplified conservatoire system with semi-automatic octaves, which easily meets the needs of playing to an advanced level.

The S20C has an excellent tone and reliable tuning.

Professional fingering and feel.

All our new instruments  have been through our Workshop, Personally checked by our  
Expert Technicians and Professional players prior to sale.

• Body in Grenadilla
• Designed for young players
• Covered holes for the fingers
• Comfortable to hold
• Simplified Conservatoire System
• Third Octave key
• Adjusting screws for top C# & F#-G# link
• Left-hand F key
• Articulated C# mechanism
• Bb vent key on bell