Dg De Gregorio Bravo Cajon

Dg De Gregorio Bravo Cajon

Dg De Gregorio Bravo Cajon

Cajon presents in great condition, showing only minor signs of general from previous use. This unit includes the original packaging.

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The DG Bravo is our workhorse cajón- an instrument for any player and any musical situation. We've taken the flamenco-style cajón and stripped it down to its most essential elements to bring you a Back-To-Basics cajón like no other. The body of the Bravo is made from 100% first-grade birch plywood, and it features a thin 2mm, 4-ply birch front-plate for extra sensitivity (the same front-plate as our top-of-the-line Yaquí model), as well as a fixed snare-system with two steel-core strings. The Bravo is finished with a double coating of Sayerlack® water-based lacquer, and the front-plate comes standard in either Makassar or stunning Red Makassar. As with all of our instruments, the Bravo is handmade by DG artisans in our factory in Spain.

29x30x48 cm
11.42x11.8 x18.9 inches 
9 mm - 0.35 inches first quality birch plywood 
Front panel
2 mm - 0.78 inches first quality KoskiPly® birch plywood and Alpi® venneer
Back panel
3 mm - 0.11 inches with sound hole reinforcement 

Snare system

2 steel core strings adjustable from the bottom with 6 strips of overtone control tape 

Makassar or Red Makassar

double layer of water based Sayerlack® lacquer