Schecter KM-6 MK-II

Schecter KM-6 MK-II

Schecter KM-6 MK-II

This Schecter KM-6 MK-II electric guitar is in great physical and working condition, and shows only minimal general wear attributable to prior use. Hard case included.

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Gritty Modern Metal Signature Electric from Schecter

In the past decade, modern metal legend Keith Merrow rocketed to fame via YouTube and has continued to gain respect among players and fans as an innovative, imaginative artist. Teaming up for a second time, Merrow and the designers at Schecter have unveiled the KM-6 MK-II. This is the ultimate instrument for highly technical playing styles, featuring fine appointments like an Ernie Ball compensated nut and a 5-piece ultra-thin neck for optimum intonation and stability. In addition, a compound-radius ebony fretboard offers the kind of playability and feel that is perfect for lightning fast runs. And now, the KM-6 MK-II comes with two Keith Merrow Signature Fishman Fluence active humbucking pickups — a pair that delivers enough power to drive any amp to saturation. The Schecter KM-6 MK-II is a modern metal player's dream axe.

A neck meant for metal

The 5-piece maple/wenge neck of the KM-6 MK-II is a must-feel experience. This beautiful ensemble of woods provides stability for the neck's ultra-thin profile. The compound radius offers easy chording and wide bending without inhibiting your playing.

The 25.5" scale length is ideal for modern metal stylings, whether playing in standard or drop tunings. And the carbon fiber reinforcement rods and spoke wheel truss rod adjustment keep the neck right where you need it. The beveled top of the MK-II model provides exceptional comfort as well for hours of playing. Finally, the Hipshot hardtail bridge's low profile provides excellent control during speed picking.

Hot humbucking pair

The pair of Keith Merrow Signature Fishman Fluence active humbucking pickups on the KM-6 MK-II take you to the kind of places tonally that modern metal was born out of — thick, aggressive midrange and low-end crunch and howl. And with a push-pull pot, you can extend your sonic range with multiple voicings on each of the Fluence pickups.