Behringer Kobol Expander Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer (Eurorack Format)

Behringer Kobol Expander Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer (Eurorack Format)

Behringer Kobol Expander Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer (Eurorack Format)

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Master the waves and shape them in any way you want. The Behringer KOBOL EXPANDER is about to be your latest spell book in an infinite sea of beats, pulses and voltages.

The Behringer KOBOL EXPANDER is a duophonic analogue synthesizer featuring 2 VCOs allowing morphing between 7 waveforms, oscillator synchronisation and pulse-width modulation that bring back to life the original circuits of the 70s. A unique 4-pole VCF also provides this natural saturation only found in “Kobol” synths.

If you want to push the KOBOL EXPANDER even further, the analogue LFO has two selectable waveforms that can be connected to multiple external modules or synths to achieve more complex sounds. And that's not all. A built-in noise generator and voltage processor let you extend the possibilities even further to create spicier sounds.

The KOBOL EXPANDER can easily be integrated into any sized setup with its 32 patch points you can use to connect to any module or synth in your arsenal and create tunes that will get you and the crowd rocking!

The KOBOL EXPANDER is designed to fit into a standard Eurorack case. Just connect the power cables to the power supply and mount the module using the included screws. This allows for the KOBOL EXPANDER to be mixed with other synth modules for a truly unique set up.

  • Analog duophonic synthesizer with 2 VCOs and 7 morphing waveforms for infinite sound creation
  • Authentic reproduction of original “Kobol Expander” circuitry from the ‘70s
  • Semi-modular design requires no patching for immediate performance
  • Pure analog signal path based on authentic VCO, VCF and VCA designs
  • Dual oscillators with 7 waveforms, oscillator sync and pulse width modulation
  • Unique 4-pole VCF design for natural saturation only found in ”Kobol” synthesizers
  • Analog LFO with 2 selectable waveforms and multiple destinations for advanced sound creation
  • Additional noise generator dramatically expands waveform generation
  • Oscillator sync for piercing lead sounds and complex effects
  • 32 patch points for advanced modular connection and integration with external equipment
  • 31 controls give you direct and real-time access to all important parameters
  • External audio input for processing external sound sources
  • Complete Eurorack solution – main module can be transferred to a standard Eurorack case
  • 16-voice Poly Chain allows combining multiple synthesizers for up to 16 voice polyphony
  • Comprehensive MIDI implementation with MIDI channel and Voice Priority selection