Behringer Model 15 Analog Semi-Modular Synth (Eurorack Format)

Behringer Model 15 Analog Semi-Modular Synth (Eurorack Format)

Behringer Model 15 Analog Semi-Modular Synth (Eurorack Format)

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This is the synth your grandma wishes she had! Introducing the Behringer MODEL 15! This compact analogue synthesizer features dual VCOs so you can create super-fat bass lines and awesome lead sounds that’ll have everyone in the crowd vibing!

The Behringer MODEL 15’s semi-modular design makes it ready to go right out of the box with its 48 patch points at your disposal so you can connect and integrate any module in your collection. And if you were a fan of the legendary System 55, we’ve taken everything great about that and put it in a sleek, compact chassis, so you won’t need a whole truck to transport your setup!

Featuring a pure analogue signal path, the MODEL 15 features dual oscillators each with 4 waveforms, pulse width modulation and sub-oscillator. On top of that, the MODEL 15 also comes with 3 separate memory slots for its 256-step arpeggiator with multiple playback modes.

Adding reverb to any song, riff or melody is a great way to add depth and character to a piece of music. The MODEL 15 comes with spring reverb emulation that’ll add a sense of space to your music. Couple that with a 4-waveform LFO with adjustable pitch, filter and pulse width modulation and MODELL 15 is capable of lush, intricate and expansive sounds.

The MODEL 15 is designed to fit into a standard Eurorack case. Just connect the power cables to the power supply and mount the module using the included screws. This allows for the MODEL 15 to be mixed with other synth modules for a truly unique set up.

  • Analogue synthesizer with dual VCO design allows for insanely fat music creation
  • Authentic recreation of circuits from the legendary “Model 15” modular synthesizer
  • Semi-modular design requires no patching for immediate performance
  • Pure analogue signal path based on authentic VCO, VCF and VCA designs
  • Dual oscillators with 4 waveforms, oscillator sync, pulse width modulation and sub-oscillator
  • Classic 24 dB ladder filter with resonance for legendary sound performance
  • Advanced step sequencer with 3 separate 256-step memory slots, key transpose and multiple playback modes
  • Arpeggiator featuring hold function and multiple playback modes for recording and playing back your melodies and riffs
  • Fully analogue LFO with 4 waveforms and dedicated controls for pitch, filter and pulse width modulation
  • 48 patch points for advanced modular connection and integration with external equipment