Casio CTK-5200

Casio CTK-5200

This Casio CTK5200 keyboard is in great physical and working condition. The Casio keyboard has been very well looked after by the previous owner, keyboard shows only very minor signs of wear from previous use. Includes a power supply, X stand, music rest and a XTR soft bag.

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The Casio CTK-5200 is packed with features to get you or your kids excited about music and able to learn to play!

You need an affordable keyboard, something that’s small and/or portable, but would still like it to at least play more like a real piano. The Casio CTK5200 is a great choice.

The CTK5200 has 61 keys that are Touch Sensitive. This means they will respond loudly or softly depending on your fingers, just like a real piano does.

Casio have styled the CTK5200 to look more like a real piano than some other keyboards in the affordably priced range.

It has 600 sounds and 180 rhythms to enhance your playing experience.

A Sampling function the kids will love – you can record iPads and sounds and play them back on the keys!

An Audio In allows devices to plug in and use the speakers of the Casio CTK5200. Listen to music or play along.

There are a number of handy and enjoyable lesson capabilities – this keyboard shows you how to play songs, and you can expand the library of songs to choose from as well as the 150 Song Bank songs. You’ll find it hard to run out of new songs to learn.

The Casio CTK5200 is one of the most popular budget keyboards and sits on top of the keyboards in this style.