Apogee Boom 2-In/2-Out USB-C Audio Interface w/ DSP

Apogee Boom 2-In/2-Out USB-C Audio Interface w/ DSP

Apogee Boom 2-In/2-Out USB-C Audio Interface w/ DSP

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BOOM is made for passionate creators that pursue their creativity and quality without compromise. Whether you're a musician, podcaster, video producer or live streamer, BOOM will inspire you to take your projects to the next level, with legendary studio-quality sound by Apogee.

With BOOM, you can record, monitor and mix through class-leading mic preamps and pristine digital conversion, fine tune your input sources using BOOM’s built-in hardware DSP FX, and take your studio anywhere your story takes you. All you have to do is connect directly to your Mac, iPad Pro or Windows laptop, and let your ideas flow.

From recording guitars, to vocals, to synthesizers, BOOM will capture every nuance of your performance. You shouldn’t sacrifice anything when it comes to your music, especially sound quality. BOOM features built-in hardware DSP and the Symphony ECS Channel strip to dial in the perfect sound while you record with zero effects latency.

Whether you are recording your first podcast episode in your bedroom or traveling to capture your 200th show, BOOM is the perfect solution for telling your story with unrivalled sound clarity and has enough gain to drive popular content creation microphones like the Shure SM7B.

Let your voice be heard and never leave your chat hanging with poor audio quality. Create your own production studio with BOOM’s mixer, on-board DSP processing and Loopback mode. Having a great microphone is only half the solution, let BOOM do the rest.

BOOM is the first audio interface in its class to offer on-board hardware DSP. With the Symphony ECS Channel Strip (tuned by legendary mixer, Bob Clearmountain), you can sculpt your input sources with a 3-band EQ, compression and a drive knob that adds the warmth and grit of analog gear.

Create the perfect live streaming production with the on-board Mixer and Loopback mode. Allowing you to listen to your game, Spotify playlist, & chat notifications all at the same time and at the perfect level.

  • Best in class sound quality - 35 years of Multi-award winning Apogee Analog and Digital engineering
  • PureDIGITAL connection for up to 24-bit/192kHz recording
  • Built-in hardware DSP - Print through the Symphony ECS Channel Strip plugin
  • Inputs: 1 x balanced 1/4” instrument/line input, 1 x balanced mic/line/instrument Combi input
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4” Zero ohm Headphone output, Left/Right 1/4” balanced speaker outputs
  • Totally portable and bus powered
  • Apogee Loopback feature makes live streaming different audio sources easy
  • Includes Apogee BOOM, USB-C cable with included USB-C to USB-A adaptor
  • Software included: Apogee Control 2 software (macOS, iOS and Windows), Apogee Soft Limit Plugin and Ableton Live Lite DAW (free license + download with registration)