AirPulse A100HD Hi-Res Audio Certified Active Speaker System - Cherry Wood

AirPulse A100HD Hi-Res Audio Certified Active Speaker System - Cherry Wood

AirPulse A100HD Hi-Res Audio Certified Active Speaker System - Cherry Wood

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Introducing the Airpulse A100HD speakers – a pinnacle of audio excellence that will revolutionize your listening experience. Crafted with meticulous precision and cutting-edge technology, the A100HD speakers embody the perfect blend of form and function, delivering stunning sound quality and immersive audio performance.

Enter the world of superior audio performance with the Airpulse A100 Active Speaker System, the entry level model for audiophiles in the early stages of their musical appreciation journey. Hires-certified, the A100 speaker is the perfect companion to play high resolution audio files in PCM format.

The New A100HD bookshelf speakers with a 5” woofer now joins the Airpulse active speaker family. The perfect combination of Hi-Res digital audio processing technology and an aesthetic of understated elegance creates a High-Fidelity audio system with intoxicating sound quality and visual appeal. The A100HD has an exquisite piano lacquer appearance, inheriting the appearance and sound characters of our flagship model 7001 near-field monitor speakers designed by Phil Jones. Using the same XMOS core as its bigger brother A300, this unassumingly small cabinet delivers outstanding performance beyond your expectation.

The A100HD horn loaded ribbon tweeter inherits the mechanism of the tweeter in our flagship 7001 near-field monitor speaker. The thin aluminium ribbon diaphragm has high sensitivity, superb transient response, extended frequency range and well-defined resolution. The meticulously formulated horn shape produces directional and optimized high frequencies from the ribbon tweeter, so they are aimed at the listeners, minimizing unwanted effect from room reflection. This also leads to superior imaging of the speaker. The result is full and three dimensional sound with each detail well defined.

The Mid-woofer is a 5” unit with a hard anodized aluminum alloy cone suspended in a heavy, ultra rigid cast magnesium alloy frame. The proprietary aluminium alloy cone was designed through a meticulous process analysing different types of cone geometry and materials using a Klippel Laser Doppler Interferometer. The 35mm diameter voice coil is larger than most loudspeakers of this size. It has been shown that larger voice coils have less power compression because they run at a cooler operating temperature. Sonically this means a more realistic dynamic representation of the music. It is dynamics in music that gives it emotion and exhilaration. The cooler running temperature of the voice coil also has the side benefit of a more reliable loudspeaker since cooler voice coil means much less chance of speaker failure.

Specification Supports Input Sample Rate up to 216 KHz Hyper-Rigid Cast-Magnesium Alloy Frame Woofer Internal Wiring by TRANSPARENT 23-mm thick high strength MDF with Cheery Wood finish Bluetooth V5.0 with aptX HD 2x 384 KHz Traditional Class-D amplifier