PreSonus ERIS E5

PreSonus Eris E5 2-way active studio monitors give you an inexpensive way to get accurate sound that regular computer speakers simply can't deliver. For starters, these nearfield monitors features...

PreSonus ERIS E5

PreSonus ERIS E5

This PreSonus ERIS E5 is in great physical and working condition, and shows only minimal general wear attributable to prior use. Included is a power supply and the original packaging.

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Pair - PreSonus Eris E5 2-way active studio monitors give you an inexpensive way to get accurate sound that regular computer speakers simply can't deliver. For starters, these nearfield monitors feature robust Kevlar woofers that offer excellent low-frequency reproduction with next to no distortion, and silk-dome tweeters that deliver smooth and balanced highs. The result: sound you can trust, which means the mixes you create will translate better from one stereo to another. That's something you won't get out of multimedia speakers, which are designed to make music sound better, not to reproduce audio accurately.

  • Onboard Acoustic Tuning controls let you contour your sound for your space
  • 70 watts of Class AB amplification provide plenty of gain and headroom
  • Flexible configuration option let you set up your speakers to best meet your needs
Onboard Acoustic Tuning controls let you contour your sound for your space

You may already know about the problems that go with putting your monitors too close to walls. That's when extreme low frequencies actually cause your walls to vibrate and act like big speaker cones, filling the air with false harmonics and ruining your ability to mix with accuracy. But sometimes, the shape and size of your room leaves you with no alternative but to place your monitors close to a wall. That's where the Eris E5's Acoustic Tuning controls come in handy. By cutting your Eris E5's bass by up to 4dB, you can compensate for this phenomenon, without neutering your sound.

80 watts of Class AB amplification provide plenty of gain and headroom

Offering up a solid 80 watts of Class AB amplification gives the PreSonus Eris E5 a major advantage over studio monitors that feature just enough power to get the job done. It may sound kind of technical, but the way this feature benefits you is actually pretty straightforward. With the Eris E5's gain set to unity (the U in the middle of the dial) you can comfortably monitor your mix at an appropriate level, but still have plenty of extra volume to spare so that run-away transients (momentary loud peaks) sound louder, instead of just distorting at the same relative volume. It's hard to express just how readily this easily overlooked feature of the Eris E5 can save your mix.

Flexible configuration option let you set up your speakers to best meet your needs

Say you want to upgrade your monitoring system with a nice new subwoofer - your Eris E5 monitors easily fit the bill. Thats because each Eris E5 includes a 3-position highpass filter onboard, which lets you cut frequencies below either 80Hz or 100Hz. If you need to further fine tune your sound to achieve a flat frequency response, you'll find fully variable high-frequency and midrange controls on the back that let you boost or cut up to 6dB in their respective ranges. What's more, PreSonus outfitted their Eris E5 studio monitors with unbalanced RCA as well as balanced TRS and XLR inputs, so you can connect them directly to just about any sound source in your studio.

PreSonus Eris E5 Active Studio Monitor Features:
  • An outstanding way to upgrade your monitoring so that your mixes translate
  • 5.25" Kevlar woofer delivers solid low-end sound with minimal bass distortion
  • 1" ultra-low-mass silk-dome tweeter eliminates harshness and provides balanced high-frequency sound
  • 70-watt Class AB bi-amplification provides plenty of volume and headroom for nearfield monitoring
  • Balanced XLR and 1/4" inputs plus unbalanced RCA inputs provide all the connections you may need
  • Acoustic tuning controls let you contour your sound to best meet your mixing environment

PreSonus Eris E5 studio-monitors offer studio performance for a multimedia-speaker price!

Tech Specs

Power ConfigurationBi-amped
LF Driver Size5"
LF Driver TypeCone
LF Driver MaterialKevlar
HF Driver Size1"
HF Driver TypeDome
HF Driver MaterialSilk
LF Driver Power Amp45W
HF Driver Power Amp35W
Total Power80W
Frequency Range53Hz-22kHz
Crossover Frequency3kHz
Maximum Peak SPL102 dB
Enclosure TypePorted
Input Types1 x 1/4" (XLR), 1 x RCA (Unbalanced)
Weight4.63 kg

Presonus Eris E5 Studio Monitor Pair Review | By Rob Cash our Pro Audio 2020 Reviewer.


Hi Shakers and Movers

As usual, the lovely people at Musicorp Australia, packed and sent me another wonderful product to review for you. This time it was a pair of Presonus Eris E5 2 way active studio monitors.

The monitors were working beautifully as you would expect. However, as a preloved and cheaper option, there was minor cosmetic marks on the front of the speakers (could be treated to make them look as new as possible). From around $13 a month for the preloved units, it’s a great rental option. Of course if you want brand new that’s also available at a slightly higher rental per month.

As always, I am not paid by Musicorp Australia (once again damn!). This review is not influenced by anything else but my love for all music options. Especially for new muso’s to arm themselves with the best info, and advice on how to build and prepare themselves for sound recording through computers.

One of the hardest things to review I believe is speakers. It is such a personal thing where you need to hear them to know and have that feeling that “I want them now!”. However these studio monitors for those who are just using the internal speakers or computer monitors, are a great way to start getting excited about the end result of your sound. I have just upgraded from what I thought were pretty great studio monitors, to a pair of Yamaha ES8’s and the difference is…  I mean wow! Of course the rental amount is higher than the ones that I am reviewing but it confirms to me the more you spend the better it gets. But like all things, there must be a compromise. Happily though, by renting you get the options to upgrade even after a short term of three months, to bigger and better units through Musicorp Australia. For me I am stoked with what I have now, and will probably purchase the units, another option you have at anytime during the rental period.

Ok let’s talk about the Eris 5’s. A great starting product of studio monitors, or even an option to use for any sound output (maybe TV, stereo, CD’s and so on). These studio units have been beautifully put together, and give you great options to plug in from sources. Such as mixers, audio outputs from line out monitor mixes from interfaces such as the other reviews I have made on the Yamaha MG10XU and the Focusrite 18i20 Mark 2 audio interface.  If you haven’t read those yet, they are a great read. However, if everything you use to put your music into your computer is great, and you listen back on cheap internal computer speakers or monitors, you will be robbing yourself and wondering what is wrong with my sound.

The Eris E5 monitors have inputs on the rear that let you set up your sound output options. This assists  reflections in the room to be minimised and give you a truer picture of the sound that you have recorded and mixed. That is what it’s all about. Once I have done tracks, I then want to hear it as close to what I experienced in my headphones. Otherwise, when you pop it on a CD or a memory stick, and whack it into your car or stereo player, suddenly it doesn’t sound as good.

As I said speakers are a very personal choice and believe me you can spend many thousands of dollars just on studio monitors, and many studios have done just that. That’s why I believe renting is a great option until, like in the fairytale, it suits you just right!

They are active monitors, no adapters required, just the AC 240 volt cables (supplied) keeps the mess down. The rear of the speakers gives you great control over volume. High, mid and low frequency adjustments to get it as close to a flat response, so your sound is as close to what you want when you play it back on other devices and units. I have owned and used Presonus gear, I can certainly vouch for their quality and endurance. And of course the wonderful staff at Musicorp Australia are always available to talk to you, and answer any other info you may have about this, or any other item you may be thinking about.