Buffet Oboe is presenting in excellent condition, with minimal signs of previous use and general wear. However, the case is in fair condition, with obvious wear present. This instrument has excellent playability, as well as the body, keywork and the pads. Includes a reed and cork grease.

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Simplified semi-automatic oboe BC4011

Instrument details

The Buffet Crampon student oboes are designed to prepare any young musician for a lifelong joy of playing. The keywork is silver plated and the bore is lined with luracast (an epoxy resin) to  resist cracking.

Instrument characteristics

  • Grenadilla wood : Excellent sound characteristics
  • Simplified conservatory model : Especially for students and beginners, less weight
  • Nickel silver keywork, silver plated : High stability
  • Luracast bore : Prevents cracking and encourages good sound projection