Cort X250 TDP Electric

Cort X250 TDP Electric

Cort X250 TDP Electric

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The X250 offers an excellent value with a plethora of great features found on the higher-end X Series models such as the versatile HSH pickup configuration with EMG SRO OC1 humbuckers and Alnico V single coil pickup, a double-locking tremolo system for excellent tuning stability, and Meranti wood body with hard rock Maple neck.

The Meranti body has similar tonal characteristics to Mahogany with a strong mid-midrange that will cut through the mix with authority for rhythm while providing sweet highs for singing leads.

The EMG humbuckers feature a traditional open coil design with an emphasis on balance between clarity and high output and excels not only in metal and hard rock but can be dialled back for other styles such as blues, pop and country. The middle single-coil has an Alnico 5 magnet for a vintage twang and can be combined with the humbuckers in the super versatile HSH configuration for a wide range of useful sounds.

The Cort Double Locking II tremolo assures perfect tuning stability through the most extreme arm action for aggressive soloing or heavy riffing. The body recess means you can get all the harmonic squeals and dive-bombs you like with the assurance that the strings will come back to tune perfectly.

The simple yet versatile control layout provides all the sounds a player needs while allowing you to focus on playing and making music. Both comfort and appearance are enhanced with an elegantly contoured arm cut on the top. This modification to the body has been carefully laid out on the bodies of the X guitars for maximum comfort without removing unnecessary amounts of wood. The lines of the X body are designed for aesthetic beauty as well as for ergonomic considerations.

Finally, the hard maple neck provides strength and stability while delivering a defined and punchy sound that mates well with the Jatoba fingerboard, which is a very dense and stiff wood that makes it ideal for this usage. Jatoba produces strong fundamentals and volume projection with an emphasis on the high-mids.

  • Meranti body
  • Ergonomic body contour
  • Maple neck
  • Jatoba fingerboard
  • 24 frets
  • DoubleLocking-II Tremolo bridge
  • EMG SRO OC1 & Alnico V Single Pickups
  • 5- way pickup selector
  • 1 volume and 1 tone control

w/ Double Locking II Tremolo (Tear Drop Pink)