CR Lite Magik Bar 8 Eye Linear Beam

CR Lite Magik Bar 8 Eye Linear Beam

CR Lite Magik Bar

CR Lite Magik Bar is in good working and physical condition. The lighting bar has been well looked after showing only minor signs of previous use. Includes a power lead and mounting brackets.

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It features 8 x 10W RGBW CREE LEDs on 2 separate moving battens creating great ceiling and floor filling washes. Can be used as a standalone product or controlled via DMX and is Pixel mappable. With added features like Power in/out, the CR Lite Magik Bar™ is an ideal unit for use as an indoor up lighter or for the on the road DJ.

High output super bright LED Technology is moving at an incredible pace and CR Lite products are at the forefront of LED design. But there is more to having brightness than just components. To make an LED last longer, work brighter and work better, a complex combination of heat dissipation, lens technology, power supply design and mechanical assembly all have to be optimised for best performance. With all CR Lite lighting, this is all brought together coupled with automated assembly. The result is brighter products, longer lasting and brilliant value!

LEDs make a fantastic contribution to the global move towards reduced carbon production. They use a tenth or less of the electrical power of traditional lighting, produce little heat but offer extra benefits such as multi-colour output. This can significantly reduce the number of fixtures required in a theatre or club.