Alto Mixpack 10 All-In-One Portable Sound System

Alto Mixpack 10 All-In-One Portable Sound System

This Alto Mixpack 10 All-In-One portable sound system is in great physical and working condition. This portable sound system has great sound quality and works well. The unit has been well looked after and looks physically great. Includes a power supply, 2x long leads, 1x mini lead, 1x 3.5mm to RCA and the original packaging.

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Your Requirement: You need a high-performance PA system with serious power, gutsy speakers and comprehensive input/mixing capability so you can handle a good-sized ensemble.

Your Big Concern: You have a limited budget and you don’t have the room to haul around a big, complicated setup.

Your Answer: The Alto MixPack 10.

Here is a truly high-performance sound system with the wattage muscle, acoustic firepower and the input/mixing flexibility to handle virtually any situation. First of all, Alto give you the power you need: 400 high-output watts driving full-sized speakers with potent 10-inch woofers and 1-inch high-frequency compression drivers. These are not some weak-kneed 6 ½-inch or 8-inch speakers. These are the real deal, backed by some significant power.

Then Alto give you an 8-channel mixer with EQ and multiple inputs so you can take command of a good-sized group and make it sound exactly the way you want. Alto include all your cables and accessories and everything stows for travel as conveniently as you can imagine. This is what you’re looking for!