CR Lite Mix Party Bar

CR Lite Mix Party Bar

This CR Lite Mix Party Bar is in good physical and working condition. There are some signs of wear and tear due to general use, although the product performs well. This unit includes a mains power supply, and comes in its original CR Lite packaging.

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The Mix Partybar from CR-Lite combines traditional derby lighting and par lighting, and adds a grating laser and strobe led. This combination of lights allows wide display angles and a huge range of lighting effects. The Mix Partybar is perfect for parties, DJs, bands and stage performances.



  • Light combination: Laser lighting + Par lighting + derby lighting
  • Effects combination: grating laser + LED par + LED derby + White Strobe
  • Show combinations: every show can be combined together arbitrarily, according to your mood
  • Manual colour setting available, creating super colour washing effect
  • Ideal for parties, DJs, bands and stage performances
  • Total Power: 45W
  • Par LED: 6 * Tri-9W
  • Beam Angle: 15 degree
  • Derby LED: 2 * Red 3W, 2 * Green 3W, 2 * Blue 3W,
  • LED Spec: R – 620nm/100lm, G-520nm/160lm, B-462nm/50lm
  • Laser Spec: G-30mW/532nm, R-100mW/650nm
  • Strobe LED: White – 4 *1 W
  • DMX Channels: 3,5,9,27Ch
  • Power linking: 30pcs@240V
  • AC Power: Switching power supply, 100V-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Fuse: T1.6A, 250V
  • Stand: 1.5m -2.5m
  • Weight: 6.6kg
  • Packing Size: L1442 X W149 X H591mm