Okyweb 4 MIDI File & Mp3 Backing Track Player

Okyweb 4 MIDI File & Mp3 Backing Track Player

Okyweb 4 MIDI File & Mp3 Backing Track Player

This Okyweb 4 MIDI File & Mp3 Backing Track Player is in great physical and working condition, and shows only minimal general wear attributable to prior use. This unit includes a USB cable, power supply and comes in its original packaging. This is a USB controller/interface product designed for use in conjunction with a range of software applications and does NOT include any bundled software originally supplied or the provision of online user registration.

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Okyweb 4 MIDI File Player is a MIDI File and mp3 player for professional musicians and singers. Designed for one man bands, duo's and trio's using backing tracks and even full bands.

Features a powerful Italian designed GM (General MIDI) Sound Engine, 16 GB SD on board storage and HUGE touch screen. Lightweight 1.4kg, L24 x W24 x H3 cm).

Okyweb 4 is easy to use. Use as a stand alone backing track player at your gigs. Or, connect to Mac and Windows computers or Tablet as a MIDI Module Expander to play backing tracks. Okyweb 4 reads MIDI and Mp3 formats. Edit MIDI files and create Play lists. HDMI out connects to an external TV or PC monitor to display lyrics and chords in sync with the music. The 15cm x 8.5cm onboard screen makes reading lyrics on stage and editing song files easy.

In-built MIDI Sound Engine

The Italian designed internal General MIDI sound engine includes 848 instrument sounds and 46 drum kits. Your backing tracks will sound dynamic through a PA. The on-board sounds have a warm 'tone' of a live band.

Huge 15.5cm x 8.5cm Screen

Okyweb 4's ergonomic design makes an effective and easy to use backing track player. Searching for songs and editing MIDI Files is a breeze using the big screen and on-screen keyboard. Edit, change tempo and key on the fly and save changes to personalise your MIDI File backing tracks.

Multi-functional Complete Console

Modify and mix MIDI Files in real time. “Mute” and “Solo” instruments and create custom mix for your performance. For example, if your 'band' has a guitarist or a drummer or a bass player, you can mute these parts globally without editing any MIDI Files. If you have full band of guitars bass and drums, you can enhance your live band sound by using only the keyboard, orchestral and brass parts of the MIDI Files.

Karaoke and On-Screen Lyrics

View lyrics and chords to sing and play your favorite backing tracks. Get double the use from your Okyweb 4. Use on stage as a professional backing track player and at home or Karaoke Bar with friends and family.

Connect to one or more TV's using a HDMI cable to view lyrics and chords. Chords can be viewed as text, guitar and keyboard tab form. Okyweb 4 is the best instrument for who wants to learn a new backing track. * Lyrics and chords must be embedded in the MIDI file)