PIONEER SDJ80X Monitor Pair

PIONEER SDJ80X Monitor Pair

The PIONEER SDJ80X Monitor Pair is in great physical and working condition, with only minimal wear from previous use. The PIONEER SDJ80X Monitor Pair includes 2x power supplies, user manuals, and is in its original packaging.

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The S-DJ80X active reference speakers are designed for great audio feedback while practising DJing skills. The speakers feature excellent sound quality, improved bass response and reliability, three types of inputs, and built-in equalisation, useful for DJs who want to achieve the highest accuracy in sound reproduction. Each speaker is sold separately.

For maximum audio performance, increased bass output and reduced unwanted resonance, each speaker utilises a highly rigid medium density fibre-board (MDF) for the construction of its enclosure and bass reflex ducts. Additionally, to optimise sound quality and increase reliability, Pioneer uses woofers made with aramid fibre cones and soft dome tweeters infused in magnetic fluid.

Groove Technology: To improve airflow through the port of the enclosure, Pioneer engineered the port hole with grooves to help direct the sound waves smoothly. The technique decreases standing waves from the mouth of the port, resulting in smooth bass and mid-bass output, with more impact.

    • Powerful Bass from strong enclosure
    • 8″ Aramid Fibre cone with 1″ Soft Dome Tweeter
    • Frequency Response: 40 Hz ~ 20 kHz
    • Optimized ‘Groove Technology’

Powerful 160Watt Class A/B Amp

  • Covex Diffuser with DECO technology installed in Tweeters
  • High response for powerful music performance
  • Newly designed Class A-B amplifier
  • Equipped with a wide range of input ports (XLR, TRS phone, RCA).
  • Features environmentally friendly “Auto Standby” mode, which reduces power consumption by switching power to stand-by if there is no input over a set period of time.