Amphion One 18 Bundle Studio Monitoring Kit

Amphion One 18 Bundle Studio Monitoring Kit

Amphion One 18 Bundle Studio Monitoring Kit

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The One18 studio monitor is now available in a bundle with an Amp700 stereo amplifier and speaker cables.

This all-in-one system is a perfect fit for home studios, post-production edit rooms, mixing & mastering labs. The One18 is a nearfield monitor utilising a passive radiator design around a 6.5" woofer and a 1" soft dome tweeter. They deliver a balanced and musical tonality that is extremely accurate and phase-coherent, even at low levels.

Amphion’s Amp700 power amp provides distortion-free and background noise-free amplification at its best. It ensures perfect transparency and great musicality for the most accurate mixing and mastering results.

The Amp700 is the ideal companion for the One18 studio monitors. It's top-shelf electronics and precision manufacturing unlocks the best performance from these speakers, revealing all the clarity, depth and consistent output expected from an amplifier with the Amphion name.

Amphion high-quality speaker cables feature specially braided silver-coated copper conductor, terminated with Chord banana connectors (2 x 2.5 meter).

This package includes
  • Amphion One18 6.5" Two-Way Passive Radiator Nearfield Studio Monitors (Pair)
  • Amphion Amp700 stereo amplifier
  • Amphion Silver Speaker Cables w/ Chord Banana Connectors