DV Mark Neoclassic 212

DV Mark Neoclassic 212

DV Mark Bass DV Neoclassic 212

This Neoclassic 212 amplifier cabinet is in great physical and working condition. This amplifier has great function and works well. The unit is in good physical condition, showing only very minor signs of previous use.

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The DV NEOCLASSIC 212 is a standard-sized 2x12" cabinet. It is a perfect match with any DV Mark head.
Thanks to its impressive 300W power handling, it can easily handle full-sized heads.
The DV NEOCLASSIC 212 is one of the lightest 2x12” cabinet available. It only weighs 27.33 lbs (12.4 kg), perfect choice for anyone who needs a small rig, with a classic tone in a ultra-portable unit . 
The DV NEOCLASSIC series feature a super lightweight neo magnet custom made by DV Mark.
These innovative speakers are the result of hard work and many test on neodymium speaker tonal character: a lightweight speaker that sounds and response like a classic speaker.


SPEAKER SIZE: 2x12” Neoclassic DV Mark custom-made 

IMPEDANCE: 8 ohms (mono) or 2x 16 ohms (stereo)
CABINET: horizontal, open back
WIDTH: 27.75" / 70.5 cm
HEIGHT: 18.30" / 46.5 cm
DEPTH: 10.63"/ 27 cm
WEIGHT: 27.33 lbs / 12.4 kg