This BUFFET 4051 is in good physical and working condition and shows only minimal general wear attributable to prior use. Included is a reed and cork grease.

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Student semi-automatic oboe BC4051

Instrument details

The Buffet Crampon student oboes are designed to prepare any advanced musician for a lifelong joy of playing. The keywork is silver plated and the bore is lined with luracast (an epoxy resin) to  resist cracking.

Instrument characteristics

  • Selected grenadilla wood : Excellent tone and stability
  • Luracast bore : Prevents cracking and encourages good sound projection
  • Nickel silver keywork, silver-plated : High stability
  • Fish skin pads on upper joint and cork pads on lower joint : Perfect airtightness
  • Double G#, Eb, double C# trill, D trill, left F-lever, low Bb resonance key, second octave : Professional fingering and feel
  • Stainlees steel rods and pivot screws : Non-corrosive, very good key action