LovePedal HSR3 Multiverb Reverb

LovePedal HSR3 Multiverb Reverb

LovePedal HSR3 Multiverb Reverb

This LovePedal HSR3 Multiverb Reverb is in great physical and working condition. Included is a user manual.

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The Lovepedal HSR-3 brings together three of the most popular reverb effects and puts them in to one solid and simple box so you can plug in get playing. With hall, shimmer and modulated reverb sounds available at the flick of a switch this pedal has you covered for a wide range of styles.

The Three Reverbs

Hall is one of the most commonly used reverb effects as it looks to replicated the sound of the natural reverb that occurs in a large room. This is perfect to fit in to your rig no matter your style as it works great with both clean and driven sounds

Shimmer reverb is instantly recognizable. by adding layer upon layer of pitched up reverb you get the classic 'choir of angels' like effect. This works really well with crystal clean sounds with a bit of extra high end that really lets the pitched up effect come out.

Finally the modulate effect is unlike anything I have really heard before. This softly modulated delay can go from short and sweet to large and cavernous all while sitting in that beautiful realm between analogue response and digital clarity.

Lovepedal Quality

Lovepedal have been making pedals for a long time now and everything that comes out of their workshop is built to last. Using only top components and a strong metal housing this pedal will last a long time on your pedalboard

BRAND: LovePedal