Mackie Freeplay 300W Personal PA

Mackie Freeplay 300W Personal PA

Mackie Freeplay Personal PA is in great condition. The unit is physically great and works well. This personal PA system has been well looked after, there are only very minimal signs of previous wear on this unit. Includes a power supply and original packaging.

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Play with backing tracks using Bluetooth to connect to your device and wirelessly control all mic levels, channel EQ and 16 digital effects. Engage the feedback destroyer and optimize the speaker voicing for any music style.



Great for corporate events when a lightweight, compact set up is required, FreePlay is perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels and schools. Battery operation makes it ideal for use in mobile worship, field trips and more.



Bluetooth music streaming turns any event into a party using your favorite app or music library. Choose your music and control it all from anywhere in the room. Having a karaoke night? FreePlay lets you connect up to two microphones.